Private school pupils keep university advantage

hujPrivate school pupils are more likely to go to top universities, despite efforts to widen access, data suggests.

Some 64% of privately educated A-level students got into the most selective universities in 2010-11, against 24% of state school pupils.

But the chances of the very poorest pupils have improved according to official figures.

The government said record numbers of disadvantaged 18-year-olds had applied to university this year.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) data is published a week before this year’s A-level results for almost 300,000 students.

Despite efforts by universities and the government to broaden access to university the statistics suggest privately educated students are not only more likely to go to university but are more likely to get places at institutions requiring better A-level results.

Poorest improve

The figures also suggest the chances of the poorest pupils are improving although they still lag behind their peers from better-off families.

In 2005-06 only 13% of pupils on free school meals made it to university. By 2010-11 this had improved to 20%, but the figure for pupils

Many graduates in professional jobs figures show

dst5uyFour-fifths of UK students who graduated in the 2008 recession are now professionally employed or undertaking further study, statistics suggest.

Higher Education Funding Council for England analysis indicates three and a half years after graduation, 96% graduates were in employment.

Nearly 80% were in professional jobs or undertaking further study.

But many students from disadvantaged homes continued to face barriers to success after they graduated.

The Hefce report said six months after graduating in 2008-09, employment rates ranged from 60% among the most disadvantaged to 67% among the least disadvantaged.

Three years later, this varied from 73% to 81%.

Hefce’s analysis also suggested black Caribbean graduates had the lowest rate of professional employment six months after graduation (55%) and also 40 months later (66%).

Indian and white graduates had the highest rates after 40 months (79% and 79% respectively).

The study looked at UK-domiciled students who qualified from a full-time, first degree course in the academic year 2008-09.


Prof Les Ebdon, director of Fair Access to Higher Education, said: “This means

Anyone Can Be a Teacher at Skillshare an Online School

ds5Susan Orlean was considering giving up teaching. She had taught courses at New York University and at the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference at Middlebury College but was finding it difficult to maintain a consistent class schedule while fulfilling her obligations as a staff writer for The New Yorker.

“I just started thinking, well, maybe there’s a different way to do this that doesn’t tie me to a physical location,” she said. “And right around that time, Skillshare contacted me.”

Skillshare is an online video platform that allows anyone to sign up and teach a class. The company has proved adept at recruiting experts to teach on its website. Aside from Ms. Orlean’s class on creative nonfiction, the website has a class on visual storytelling from the design maven Debbie Millman and a marketing course taught by the entrepreneur Seth Godin. At one point, it even offered screenwriting instruction from James Franco.

The company’s business model does not depend solely on experts.

Resume writing tips and tricks: Impressing the employers

There are a number of people who are highly skilled and qualified but are not able to get a job. Why is this so? Well, the main reason behind why this happens is that they are not able to put up a great resume in front of the employers. The thing which impresses the employers most is an appropriate CV. If you are not that much well qualified but still knows how you need to list the stuff on your resume, you may be able to snatch the job even when there are people with better qualification than yours. The experts at can help you in having a job winning resume. However, if you still want to do it on your own, here are certain tips that can help you in writing a good one.

Writing errors

First of all, you need to ensure that there are no writing errors in your work. The writing errors comprise of typing mistakes, spelling, and grammatical errors. You need to make it certain that there are no typing errors in your CV. The spellings are accurate, and the grammar should be perfect on your resume. If not, it can leave a bad impression

The Ultimate Guide To Assignment Writing

No matter how talented you are as a student or how much knowledge you have about a certain subject, something that is always going to be tough is the fine and balanced art of successful assignment writing. Writing and completing an assignment is a hard and challenging job in its own right, but this job is made even more difficult for students when they are set multiple different essays from multiple different professors that all share a very similar deadline.

Feeling pressure to complete an assignment does not necessarily have to stem from not having the confidence or the knowledge to be able to put pen to paper, in fact the majority of essay stress comes from a place of a student simply not having enough time to finish everything that they have been assigned whilst keeping on top of other academic commitments and extra curricular activities. If you are the type of student that tends to struggle with assignment writing, then read through these handy tips to try to make a difference.

  • One of the best tips for mastering essay writing is to sit down and write out a thorough plan before you begin writing the proper assignment. Make your plan

Let an MBA Admission Develop Your Industrial And Managerial Skills

It’s certainly not easy these days to land a good job in the market with only a plain graduate degree. You need a professional degree to enter the market with confidence and reap rewards. Depending on your inclination, you can go for either a technical or management degree to shape your career in a way to suit the pulls and pressures of the industry. To realize managerial goals, you can start the journey by enrolling in BBA Institute in Noida.

Your admission into a three-year BBA degree program brings business and industry knowledge of the basic variety. The program is designed in a way to open the world of entrepreneurship or professionalism by imparting skills and dynamics of the workplace. Together with harnessing industrial skills, students are taught to deploy their man-management abilities and excel at various positions across industry verticals. Your admission into a BBA Institute in Noida enables quality higher studies together with promises of a prosperous career path.

In addition, students are not only instilled with job-specific skills but are also inculcated with moral and professional values to excel in their roles and add value to the society on the whole. Once BBA program is pursued, there is the

Web Based School Management Software And its Functions

With web based school management software you can make your school a Hi-Tech one. With this software, you can perform many other operations such as managing accounts, student’s attendance, examination reports, transportation etc. And the best part? It will save your time and money and it is very simple to use and operate.

According to a 2002 study, “The effect of factors such as quality of air, lights, noises and the condition of Desks, benches, chairs and lockers on student’s achievement do matters a lot. Poor infrastructure and poor quality of these things is known to cause “Sick Building Syndrome” which can affect the performance of the students and schools both side by side. Like higher number of absentees, lowering school budgets etc. On other hand, School having good infrastructure and well maintained management can boost the student’s comfort, concentration and performance”

We know that well maintained school doesn’t happen in one day, and many school managements are not able to tackle such a feat on their own. May be they are unaware of the benefits of this Software or School ERP. With this software every educational institutions can better manage their day-to-day activities to provide a safe, strong and comfortable surrounding

Succeeding with Online High School

When you choose to attend high school online, you’re taking advantage of an amazing opportunity. Unlike many of your peers, you’re able to take more control over your education, choosing the hours when you work and even the time you want to spend on many of your classes. Online high school offers you the ability to tailor your education to your needs instead of transforming yourself to fit the needs of a standardized classroom. If you want to succeed at this unique educational style, however, there are a few things that you’ll need to commit to up front.

Ask for help as soon as you need it, not when you’re already behind and confused.Teachers in most brick and mortar schools have a number of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to determining whether or not you understand what they’re teaching. Teachers in an American online high school setting don’t have many of those advantages. Don’t leave them guessing! If you need help, ask for it; and if you’re just as confused after a teacher finishes explaining something, admit it. They can’t make changes if they don’t know that you’re struggling.

Keep an eye on your own progress. Look at the amount

Do you Know What is the Cost of SAT Test

Consistently, secondary school understudies in the U.S. also, over the globe hone their No. 2 pencils in arrangement for the SAT. In spite of the fact that it’s one and only of the components universities use while figuring out if to concede understudies and to offer them grants, it’s unquestionably one that causes uneasiness for some young people and their guardians.

For understudies, SAT anxiety is prone to realize the greatest test nervousness of their lives. Be that as it may, for folks, the anxiety can be entirely money related.

A recent report by specialists at Ohio State University uncovered that SAT arrangement classes advantage youngsters from families with additional cash to spend. Understudies who took private classes – which can venture into the a huge number of dollars – saw test scores that were 60 focuses higher by and large than understudies who didn’t take such courses. These understudies were likewise more prone to get into school and be conceded at more prestigious schools.

The study demonstrated kids from low-wage families were to the least extent liable to take test arrangement courses, however these understudies can profit from minimal effort and free choices.

The present SAT test cost is $52.50. On the off

Role Of Agile Project Management Training In Todays World

Agile project management is indeed one the most effective methods of project management. It is also one of the latest project management strategies that are primarily applied to practice management in the field of software development. Agile enables an organization to deliver projects piece-by-piece, and also allows rapid adjustments as needed. This concept is especially useful in complex projects, where the importance of meeting customer needs while incurring less costs can’t be emphasized enough. In simpler words, agile project management is an iterative process that focuses on customer values, team interaction over tasks, and adapting current business trends rather following a prescriptive plan.

There is a special course available in the market to learn how to excel in agile management, which is known as PMI Certification that lays focus on Agile Project Management Training. You can also get the online training subscription plan of this program that includes 11 Agile Project Management courses that award a varying number of PDUs per course, for a total of 21.5 PDUs. This online training package meets the 21 PDUs required, as part of Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) exam eligibility.


There are also a lot of great

Integrate Florida Learning and Development Standards into Preschool Program

Preschool summer camp Cape Coral FL is devised in such a way that it helps early learning professionals to determine a set of developmental and cognitive goals for all the individuals. Each child can now accomplish their goals at their own pace. It has been seen that to fulfill goals, most children follow a similar pattern. The standard has been properly categorized -birth to three years, three to five years and voluntary pre-kindergarten. It is important to meet different milestones, although three to five years overlap with voluntary pre-kindergarten.

How should standards be integrated into daily curriculum? By assessing developmental needs and goals of every child, you need to use standards for achieving these goals. If your aim is to expand vocabulary and language skills of kids, use proper standards. At three year old, a kid can learn how to make up silly words and at five years, you become capable of understanding some new words and being able to start a conversation by asking questions. Teachers and caregivers should implement standards as a set of rules and it should be followed as a guide for planning the curriculum and activities.

Online Teaching Courses For Increasing Motivation And Self Esteem In Students

For leading a positive and mentally healthy life, self-motivation coupled with a high self-esteem is essential. Particularly in young children, high self-esteem is important for a student to achieve every goal they set their mind to. In boosting confidence, motivating and building high self-esteem, an educator plays a crucial role. To provide an unmatched learning experience to students, many young teachers choose best online courses for professional development in education.

A teacher is responsible for more than just imparting knowledge about their respective fields such as mathematics, social science, chemistry, biology, history or any other specialization. The ability to identify students with low self-esteem is an important skill-set every teacher today must possess. Low self esteem in a student has the power to interfere with their learning ability and classroom performance. Moreover, in majority of cases a teacher remains unaware of their distress and continues to lead a uniform teaching approach.

Poor confidence and low self esteem in students are found because of a number of reasons. Below mentioned are some common reasons:


 Criticism – there is a huge difference between healthy criticism and reproof at every step. This criticism may not necessarily

Explore New Countries By Joining TEFL Courses Worldwide

These days, both the professionals and students are considering the job of teaching English as the passport to discover different parts of the globe while earning a good amount of cash at the same time. Though you will find different TEFL course worldwide, but by choosing to join TEFL certification course in Barcelona, you will get numerous things that this city has to offer. This city works a virtual melting pot of different cultures where one can enjoy mouth watering local cuisines, mingle with warm and friendly locals and get complete knowledge about the native dance of Spain.

The city plays a major role in arts, finance, entertainment, international trade and commerce because of the global rank. But what about while it comes to education? The best part is that in case you are a student traveling to Spain, then you will have different location options while taking the TEFL certification course. Apart from Barcelona, there are many other cities like Seville, Madrid and Granada, each of these cities are completely amazing to discover.

So, if you are a traveler at heart, then you will have a blast exploring different UNESCO World Heritage sites in Barcelona

Best International Schools In Chennai The Moulding Guide for Children

A school that promotes international education by adopting international curriculum is called as an International school. There are American, Canadian, British or a combination of curriculum used in these school but the most generic International curriculum may pertain to International Baccalaureate (IB), Edexcel and Cambridge International Examination. Some international schools follow national standard which is different from that of the other school in the country. These school incorporate various curriculums from different standards and have a global perspective. Not all International schools follow the same curriculum and there are thousands of International school all over the world. International schools in India are given prominence and are at the apex of the standards in schooling because they educate pupils who belong to other nations. Most students belong to expats. But research shows that there is an increase in the number of local students who are attending International school.

Parents look forward to give best education to their children. Like other schools, International school teach languages, sciences, mathematics, art, information technology and physical education and so on. They not only teach subjects but also train their students in such a way that students become self confident, independent, cooperative and turn out be a

Things You Need to be Aware About Higher Education in Germany

The idea to attain higher education in one of the most sophisticated and intellectually rich countries of Europe will surely appeal to you. If the country is Germany then by long odds you will not like to think twice because when you visualize the country, supremely beautiful vistas and landscapes, well-learned people, rich culture etc. immediately call to your mind and grip your attention. In other words, any student reaching Deutschland will find it an appealing and engaging location to stay and explore.

In Germany, higher education is available in three different principal forms including universities, universities of applied sciences and specialized universities. Scores of institutions specializing in higher education in Germany offer wide-ranging study courses:

Universities in Germany are equivalent to conventional education institutions and primarily relies on research. A plenty of technical universities or colleges of technology also abound within the country.

Universities of Applied Sciences are supremely down to earth and solidly affiliated to the industry. Although they do offer Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees but no Doctorate level courses.

Specialized Universities exclusively deal in disciplines like music, movies, theatre etc. Enrollment fees into these institutions are although exorbitant and yet you

Teachers in England plan to quit in next two years

More than half of teachers in England (53%) are thinking of quitting in the next two years, a survey has suggested.

The survey, conducted by the National Union of Teachers, found 61% of those wanting to leave blamed workload and 57% desired a better work/life balance.

Two thirds of the 1,020 primary and secondary school teachers questioned felt morale in the profession had declined over the past five years.

Schools minister Nick Gibb pledged to tackle excessive workloads.

The findings of the survey are timely, because last month the five main teaching unions warned of a crisis in recruitment and retention, although the government maintains the vacancy rate has stayed stable at about 1%.

The survey, undertaken with a representative sample of teachers, also suggested many were unhappy with some of the government’s plans.

  • 76% said forcing schools that require improvement to become academies would damage education
  • 62% said the plans for 500 new free schools would also damage education
  • 54% were not confident the new baseline test for four-year-olds would provide valid information about a child’s ability

General secretary of the NUT, Christine Blower, said: “This survey

Deeply elitist UK locks out diversity at top

The UK is “deeply elitist” according to an analysis of the backgrounds of more than 4,000 business, political, media and public sector leaders.

Small elites, educated at independent schools and Oxbridge, still dominate top roles, suggests the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission study.

It says key institutions do not represent the public they serve.

The Headmasters and Headmistresses Conference of top private heads called the study “unreasonable and unfair”.

HMC chairman Richard Harman, headmaster of Uppingham School, said that to suggest that a high number of people in positions of influence were there simply because they went to private schools was “lazy stereotyping and underestimates the diversity within the sector”.

‘Cosy club’

Commission chairman Alan Milburn said the UK’s top jobs remain “disproportionately held by people from a narrow range of backgrounds”.

“The institutions that matter appear to be a cosy club.”

Mr Milburn told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the report serves as a “wake-up call” to schools, universities and government.

He said: “We want the best people in the top jobs, the concern of this is the dominance they exercise.

“If there is

University applications before A level results unfair

The university admissions system which allows pupils to apply before they know their A-level results is “unfair and inefficient”, says research.

A study by academics at the University of Warwick says applying on the basis of predicted results discriminates against poorer students.

The current applications timetable places “higher hurdles” for disadvantaged groups, say researchers.

University access is due to be examined in a White Paper this summer.

With tuition fees in England set to rise to up to £9,000 per year from next year, there has been concern about the impact on applications from young people from poorer families.


There are already worries about the under-representation of disadvantaged groups at the top universities, and the researchers say the admissions system schedule creates another bias against poorer groups.

At present the majority of students apply to university before they know their actual A-level grades.

Admissions bodies look at information such as predicted grades, GCSE results, school references and interviews.

But the study suggests that relying on such information, rather than a common currency of exam results, favours confident, well-drilled applicants from ambitious schools.

The “late developer”

Graduates are earning less but more are in work

Graduates in England have seen a fall in their median salary of more than £1,000 in the past five years, according to official statistics.

But more are in work than at any time since 2007, suggests Department for Business, Innovation and Skills data.

And graduates still earn almost £10,000 a year more than people without degrees – though the highest earners are those with postgraduate qualifications.

The figures showed a degree was “an excellent option”, said the government.

The figures suggest that in the first three months of this year, graduates typically earned £31,200, while non-graduates were paid £22,100, a gap of £9,100.

But in the same period of 2010, graduates typically earned £32,396, some £1,196 more than they do now.

‘Improving market’

There was better news for those with postgraduate qualifications, whose median salaries rose from £37,180 to £39,000 during the past five years, as well as for non-graduates, whose median salaries went up from £20,800 to £22,100, according to the figures.

Some 87.5% of working-age graduates were employed during the three months to March – the highest proportion since the end of 2007, when the rate

Schools may look overseas for new teachers

Schools could start to look overseas to fill teaching vacancies as a “ghastly” teacher training shortage in England starts to bite, expert say.

The latest figures on teacher trainee recruitment predict a 7% shortfall for next September – the third in a row.

Supply teacher agencies are now turning to Canada, Australia and the Irish Republic in search of trained teachers.

The government said it was confident it would meet demand, adding it offered £25,000 bursaries for top trainees.

But the Association of School and College Leaders deputy general secretary, Malcolm Trobe, said head teachers across the country had been describing the recruitment situation as “ghastly”, “really difficult” and “a disaster area”.

“From Durham in the north-east, Taunton in the west, and in the south and east, the message is consistent around the country. People found last year the most difficult year to recruit teachers.

“It’s not just in the traditionally difficult subject areas, such as maths and physics.”

He added: “We have always had a

Graduate unemployment in steep drop new data suggests

There has been a big fall in graduate unemployment in the UK, the latest figures suggest.

The Higher Education Careers Service Unit (Hecsu) analysed the destinations of 256,350 new graduates six months after they left university.

Some 7.3% were unemployed in January 2014, down from 8.5% in January 2013 and the lowest level since 2008.

The figures are a “fascinating example” of how quickly the graduate jobs market can change, says Hecsu’s Charlie Ball.

The deputy director of research said students should “bear this in mind when deciding which subject to study”.

‘Better prospects’

The report says that although new graduates are likely to “bounce around or can’t find what they are after immediately”, the size of the survey makes it a “reliable snapshot” of how they are faring as a group.

The figures, published jointly with the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, suggest 70% of new graduates were in employment by January 2014.

The researchers suggest better employment prospects have resulted in fewer graduates in further study – some 12.4% of the total, down from 13% the year before.

Some 5.6% were combining work and

Teenagers told to keep parents at bay on results day

Teenagers are being warned to keep “pushy parents” away from the telephone as they try to secure university places after getting their results next week.

The Girls’ Schools Association, which represents around 180 private schools, said parents increasingly saw it as their duty to take over on results day.

But the GSA said this risked sending out the wrong message to universities.

Next week, thousands of students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive their A-level results.

Results day is followed by the clearing process which sees would-be undergraduates matched to spare places on degree courses.

This year it is expected that more universities will use the clearing system, as government changes to admissions rules mean institutions will be able to recruit additional students with top grades – ABB or better.

‘You’re on your own’

The GSA’s advice urges teenagers to take the lead themselves rather than letting their parents take over.

Hilary French, president